Infrared Heaters: Powerful and Efficient

Infrared heaters and fireplaces use infrared quartz technology creating instant heat at the push of a button. This technology produces a softer, safer heat than traditional sources. Also, many models heat up to 1,000 square feet. Infrared units heat objects directly to naturally absorb the heat. A typical electric heater will simply heat the air temperature within a room. Infrared heating will keep constant temperature in the room and wastes little energy.

Infrared heaters come in small, portable sizes. They can be easily moved from room to room and most feature convenient thermostatic controls. This allows the homeowner to save money by having efficient zone heating throughout the year.

Electric fireplaces are further enhanced by modern technology and are an excellent source of supplemental heat that allow for lifelike, flickering flames. Not only do electric fireplaces look good, but they also provide safe and cheap supplemental heat for your house. by JBS Retail - Copyright © 2024 All Rights Reserved