Electric fireplaces offer ways to improve your home's energy efficiency by utilizing zone heating

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Electric Fireplaces

With winter on the way and energy costs high, finding ways to make your home more energy efficient can go a long way towards saving money. An electric fireplace may be exactly what you are looking for! Enjoy the efficient and attractive heat provided by electric fireplaces and don’t suffer through another cold winter.

Keep the heat where its needed, we all have rooms or areas of the home which we use more then others. Utilize zone heating to keep high traffic areas comfortable and avoid waste in the less used areas of the home.

It's pretty simple, keeping the thermostat at the lowest possible temperature will save you money. You can decrease your energy bill by 10% by setting the thermostat just 10 degrees lower.

Add an electric fireplaces to your home for an inexpensive and attractive source of supplemental heat. Portable electric fireplaces generate supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet for only pennies a day. Infrared Electric Fireplaces can heat up to 1000 square feet.

Heating Efficiency Room by Room

Stop heating rooms that are not being used. By using an electric fireplace, you can keep your thermostat at a much lower setting. You can also use roll away fireplaces. The efficiency of other heat sources can range to the extreme as electricity rates vary only by location. Generally, gas fireplaces operate at a cost of 17 to 24 cents per hour. Electric fireplaces have a realistic patented flame technology for approximately 3 cents per hour and a flame with heat for approximately 8 to 12 cents per hour.

Most electric fireplaces plug into any standard electrical outlet. These units also fit easily into an apartment, condo or home. Some units can be moved from room to room. Many electronic fireplace models are portable and some have a mantel package for a more permanent space. You will have the flexibility of choosing which room you want to heat.

Electric Fireplaces Offer Comfort, Style and Savings!

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles. You will be sure to find one to match your décor! There are units specifically designed to fit in a corner or you can choose a traditional firebox. These fireboxes have the look of a traditional masonry fireplace without any of the mess. The days of fire hazards, smoke problems or storing wood are over!

We have a wide variety of models and styles to choose from. These electric fireplaces have high quality craftsmanship and are energy efficient. Need more information? Feel free to start a live chat with one of our knowledgable representatives today.

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