Electric Fireplace for Recreational Vehicles

Are you part of the many who enjoy RVing? If so, you will want to read on for tips that will enhance your RV traveling experience.

Electric Fireplaces will add comfort as well as ambiance to your RV trips. The Plug In Fireplace is a popular choice. The Direct Wire will work best for you if you are looking for additional heating power. The Direct Wire models also have a variety of trim options and will add a cozy feel to your RV and are a great source of supplemental heat.

Electric Fireplace Benefits for RVs include:

- No venting needed, so they can be installed almost anywhere
- No clearance required, which makes it easy to retrofit into a cabinet or existing void.
- Requires 110V power supply for easy and inexpensive installation.
- Can be used independently from the heater and provides a realistic flame. Enjoy year round!
- Variety of trims available to match your décor.
- Provides supplemental heat.
- Electric Firebox Recreation Use Installation
- Most models have easy installation!

How do I choose?

First, determine the best location. You can choose the perfect viewing spot because all of our electric models are zero clearance. Find a void in cabinet with access to electricity. It is common to install these by a television. You can also use unused wall space or convert an existing cabinet.

Measure for proper installation (height, width and depth). Have fun and browse our variety of styles here: (INSERT LINK). Make your choice based on size ( you can find dimensions located on each product page), then choose your features.

Your cabinet should be cut based on the dimensions inside of the firebox flange. Generally, the flange is ½” and located on the sides and top of the firebox. To allow for air intake, you should leave a few inches of air space inside the cavity above the unit.

Make sure to create support underneath the unit for your firebox. Most often the support frame will be made of wood. This should allow the firebox to sit level avoiding movement while on the road. The unit should be plugged into a 110V outlet located inside the cavity or direct wire appropriately.

Slide the firebox into the cut out and secure unit. Electric fireplaces do not require clearance from combustible materials such and wood trim or laminate. You will not need to make any provisions for venting; however leave a few inches of air space inside the cavity above the unit. This will allow proper air intake.

The outside of the firebox should be trimmed appropriately. It is common to use material similar to your cabinet trim.

Freestanding Fireplaces – Use on the Road and Home

Free Standing Fireplaces are styled like cast iron stoves and require no clean up after enjoying a nice flame effect. You will not need to wait to ensure the fire is completely out before you leave the RV or go to sleep for the night. These units are extremely flexible even allowing patios to be warmed. At the end of your trip, simply pack the unit up and relocate it inside your home.

Enjoy your Electric Fireplace!